We don't craft Simple candles, we make Art on wax


Choice is a big part of life and so are candles. That’s why Art on Wax would like to give you both.

Before there were light bulbs there were candles. Up until the middle ages candle light was the major source of illumination. That may not be the case today but candle glow still comes in handy when you:

want a candle lit dinner just to spark up a bit of romance want a long soak in the bath tub with the right atmosphere want to honor a ceremony or festival want to give your home an extra dash of sophistication

Candles are timeless and Art on Wax gives you a piece of this novelty while presenting you with two excellent choices.

The choice to be healthy- Art on Wax prioritizes your well-being more than anything, which is why all our candles are made solely from soy and palm wax. While paraffin is easier to work with, has just about no odor of its own and is cheaper to acquire by far, soy and palm wax burn cleaner. Challenges are meant to be overcome and Art on Wax will take the risks to put you out of risk.

Our fragrances are all sourced from pure natural organics and essential oils- none of those poisonous fragrances that disturb your balance. Art on Wax places wellbeing ahead of scent. This requires extra effort to deliver fragrances that still titillate the senses but your wellbeing is well worth the work.

The choice to choose art- We recognize that candles are also intended for display. And we provide decorative pieces of candles in varying shapes and sizes that put the traditional candle in a jar to shame. You don’t just want your candle to burn, you want to look at it too. Art on Wax gives you lots to look at and keep you coming back for more melting goodness. We let our creativity run wild to ensure that you’re not just buying a candle but also an artwork you can truly appreciate.

You choose wisely when you choose our candles.

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