Nature Spirit

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This Sculpture is Handmade with Soy Wax, Scented with 100% Organic Fragrances.

What is this beautiful sculpture made of? Soy Wax! It is eco-friendly soy wax that has been scented with a 100% safe, healthy and all natural fragrance. Wax was being used as a medium for sculpture since the time of the ancient Egyptians.

Our Free Spirit soy wax sculpture is not just a stylish label, it's got substance. This is evident in it's delicate but poignant design. Painstakingly made by hand, it is expertly refined and smoothened to produce a beautifully crafted statement.

Being a free spirit is something we’ve all aspired to be at some point or another, so let our Free Spirit sculpture speak to you and help you discover whether you're a free spirit or not. Are you spontaneous, simple and like to keep a positive outlook on life? Then this sculpture is for you. And if you're not, this sculpture is for you! Get it to remind yourself to live life on your own terms and to follow your heart. Independence and enjoying your own company are great attributes. You can choose to become a free spirit.

The soy wax's ability to hold onto scent gives the Free Spirit sculpture a soothing calm and peacefulness scent. All the more for adding freshness to the air or giving off calming scents. It also holds onto color beautifully, resulting in the hot red and gleaming black variants.

A free spirit sees things differently. When others only see wax as being used for candles, a free spirit would see all that can be capable with wax. Including this valuable art on wax. So Choose differently. Choose the Free Spirit soy wax sculpture.

It comes complete with the Art On Wax logo crested stand. The Free Spirit sculpture can make fascinating decor for your coffee table, hallway table or office desk. That would be some interesting conversation starter wouldn’t you think?

In today’s busy and cluttered world, being a free spirit can be hard. Let us provide you with the inspiration- the Free Spirit soy wax sculpture. A beautiful piece of expression that will also make superb gifts for friends and family.

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