Aztec Calendar

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Aztec Sun Wax

The Mexican Aztec Solar Calendar, prominently known as the Aztec Sun Stone was originally discovered in December 1790 CE. It was used by the Aztecs as well as other Pre-Columbian peoples of central Mexico. The calendar comprised of a 365-day calendar cycle year count and a 260-day ritual cycle day count. Together the two cycles created a 52-year "century". This elaborately carved solar disk currently resides in the National Museum of Anthropology in Mexico City but you can easily have it on your night stand if you want.

Our Aztec Sun Wax is an elaborately carved wax version of the Aztec Sun Stone. It is made purely from clean soy wax and scented with rich organic fragrances to make this product 100% natural. At the centre of this wax disc is a representation of the sun god Tonatiuh, Lord of Heaven controlling all daily and periodic phenomena. Surrounding the central face at four points are the other four suns. On either side of the face are two jaguar paws holding a heart each to signify the terrestrial realm. The first ring around the suns is segmented into the 20 Aztec day names that make the solar disc a calendar. This is followed by a decorative band and another ring depicting symbols of the equinoxes, solstices and the colours of the heavens. At the bottom are two heads of fire serpents whose bodies run around the perimeter of the disc each ending in a tail. Finally, the 20 Aztec days are divided into the four cardinal and inter-cardinal directions portrayed respectively with large and lesser points.


Far from a functioning calendar or a candle even, our Aztec Sun Wax will make for awesome décor and give you another perspective of viewing time. The Aztecs saw time not as a straight line of past, present and future but a herald of change full of energy and motion and potent with wondrous happenings. Remind yourself with our Aztec Sun Wax disc that there’s more to daily life than the passing of time. Just as we believe that there’s more to wax than candles.

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