Last Supper

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Last Supper Wax Plaque for Stand or Wall Décor

This soy wax depiction of the Last Supper is just what that empty space on your wall needs. It could also be what is missing from your hallway or coffee table, all it will require is a stand. The Last Meal Wax Plaque is made from 100% soy wax and fragranced with a pure, natural scent. Expertly carved in beige, the sculptures show Jesus and The Twelve gathered around a table, about to partake of a meal known as the last supper. All of this is ensconced within two hands held out together with palms facing up, outstretched in prayer, while a dove flies above and a caption below reads, “WE GIVE THANKS”. The vivid imagery tells the story of betrayal, redemption and gratitude, in wax relief and beautiful, symmetrical, chip carving.

Leonardo da Vinci applied an unusual medium and technique in his famed The Last Supper painting - dry wall instead of wet plaster. Whenever crafting with wax is mentioned, candles are expected to follow. But we have made art instead.

This wax plaque will change your perception about wax art. It may not illuminate your home or office space but, be ready to enlighten guest after guest who find their eyes glued to this scented work of art. Yes, it is wax, no it’s not a scented candle. A great conversation starter.

As a decoration piece, our Last Meal Wax Plaque for Stand or Wall Décor will not fail you. Its striking presence is sure to enliven your wall and add a touch of style to your table. It brings with it beauty, art and most importantly a story. Move over boring cliché flower vases. Try some natural, scented art. And while you may be a fan of Vinci’s mural painting, it’s certain you can’t move it. This, you can, to just about anywhere it can be seen and fully appreciated. Made from hardened wax, there’s no fear of ordinary melting here.

We are all about choices at Art on Wax. This Last Meal wax plaque is ideal for your décor purposes. It will change the way you see wax.

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